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New News

OK So I don't get around to doing a lot of updates-- what can I say.

We have added a new "Blog", which is a cool way to let you into my mind.. I suppose. And maybe get a reaction? Interactive right?

Any way
I know it has been a while but it is 2008 now. Holy Crap.

The kids are in college, gettin' all growed up...

Man it has been a ride. :)

I guess I still do not have to much to say, but what I am saying I'll be saying at the "Blog". Check it out.

Right now all I can say again is...

God Bless America

Click here if you love the USA!

Click here if you love the Dollar

Click here for "A Thank You letter to Bill Clinton"


Welcome. Welcome again to One and All.

This collection of Web creations that are packed into two domains & and a web store & - and the (almost) Live Web Store,
"Frankie D's HomePage" still has a birthday each November. This creation started with one page fully uploaded and running
November 30 1996. The birth, if you will.

I always welcome my very best and dearest friends from C.K. And also my friends and former fellow employees (& employers) @CORTEL (I hope U R still out there ). And my new friends and coworkers @ Stryker ®, and of course anyone else who dare venture to these pages.

As always my pages are here for your entertainment & the provocation of thought.
Please visit often as you see, things do change ....eventually.

Frankie D

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