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Welcome to Wurtsboro Hills, NY

The Village Of Wurtsboro, New York- Incorporated 1898. Named after Maurice Wurts, Head Engineer of the D&H Canal.

The Village of Wurtsboro is the center of the Town of Mamakating. Anyone entering Sullivan County would likely travel through Wurtsboro.
Wurtsboro is a quiet village of a little over one thousand people in one square mile. On Sullivan Street (the main drag through the village), you can find the usual variety of store fronts and buildings that contribute to the personality of the village.
First of course our houses of worship, we have our Catholic Church, our Christian Church and our Synagog.
We have a barber , a laundromat and a styling salon. A grocery store and a luncheonette. We also have some specialty businesses like the video rental store and the karate school. Or the pet store ,the nail salon, or the hardware store. For visitors and locals alike we have antique and collectables stores. We have several restaurants of several different flavors: American, Italian/German, and Chinese (and all delicious).
And I can't forget to mention that Wurtsboro has it's very own and quite successful Harley Davidson Motorcycle dealership.

One of the oldest establishments in Wurtsboro is Canal Town Emporium . With it's current contribution to the village "The Emporium" also brings some of the history on which the town was built.
Lyman A. Holmes, 78 year old owner of Canal Town Emporium, remembers working in the building as a boy. Then it was the Fulton & Holmes General Store. From 1845 to 1958 it served as general store, drug store and post office to the village. Owned first by his grandfather Joseph Holmes and run by his father Lyman O. Holmes, the store served as a community center and the major trading post behind the former D&H Canal.

The Delaware and Hudson Canal accommodated the 136-ton coal boats transporting anthracite from Honesdale, Pa to Rondout, NY. More than one million tons of coal per year in its heyday.
It was in Wurtsboro that Philip Hone, president of the D&H Canal Company, turned the first shovelful of earth in 1825 to build the canal -- the first million-dollar private enterprise in the United States.
Wurtsboro flourished around the industry, selling services and merchandise and catering to the needs of the canal boatmen.
The village stayed busy through the years up until 1965. That was the year that New York State built Route 17, known locally as "The Quickway". The highway allowed travelers to pass through Sullivan County without passing through the local villages.
Today Wurtsboro is experiencing a revival more so than many other communities in the county. The close proximity to more affluent neighboring Orange County and a flurry of entrepreneurial spirit have brought growth back into the village.

The "Hills" are a community of homes built on three levels of a mountain one mile west of the Village of Wurtsboro
I live on the "First Hill".
Wurtsboro Hills was and still is mostly a summer community. For many years the "Hills" hosted many old time summer residents up from the New York City area. From the end of May to the beginning of September the Summer Folks would relax and enjoy the peaceful mountain. Many years ago the community association was created and dug a small lake around three streams and created a beach for the summer association members. A generation of children grew up on the lake during the summers (my wife being one of them) and now they bring their children .
The "Hills" also host a French restaurant on the third hill and a year round general type grocery store,"The Pantry", on the first hill.
There are many more houses now that are occupied year round. Many younger families like myself and mine are moving to the less populated communities buying or building homes. Trying to establish a new generation of history to a community. be continued.???
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